So, what is a Panzanzee?

Hi, I'm Amanda Britt, Founder of Panzanzee. As a 3-year-old, I could not pronounce the word "CHIMPANZEE." For two years, I was adamant that the word Panzanzee was right until the social pressures of Kindergarten corrected me. As educators, my parents cultivated a purposed learning environment, where it was safe and fun to explore ideas, tinker around, stretch my creativity and even fail within the strength of their support. To them, the path to discovering the "right" answers and the person discovering them were more important than simply having the "right" answers. We need both. As far as getting to "CHIMPANZEE," they knew I'd figure it out.

Entrepreneurs are always discovering what our next step will be and wrestle many pressures to grow, manage & survive. We battle fear, isolation and limited resources to meet these needs. I saw a big gap in meeting these needs and started a company that would foster the Panzanzee tone and environment for entrepreneurs, businesses and professionals seeking their own "CHIMPANZEE" answers. In doing so, I discovered others like me! And so, we, Panzanzee, launched to provide a trusted, one-stop shop for entrepreneurs, professionals and creatives seeking to make sustainable social impact.

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